• Hindu – Bhagavad Gita
Therefore at all times remember Me and fight.
When thy mind and understanding are set on Me,
to Me alone shalt thou come without doubt.
  • Buddhist – The Ten Heads: External Conditions
The penitent should be in possession of ten indications of his sincerity.
(1) A clear understanding and acceptance of the cause and effect of his offence.
(2) To be in a state of fear because of it.
(3) To feel humiliation.
(4) To search for means of purification, and when he finds them in the Mahayana Sutras, to be willing to take advantage of them.
(5) A frank confession of his guiltiness.
(6) To break off the current of his thoughts relating to the offence.
(7) To take advantage of the protective courage which the Dharma offers him.
(8) To wish for the emancipation of all sentient beings and to renew his vow to help them all.
(9) To keep continually in mind the non-existence of both offence and repentance
If a penitent has these evidences of sincerity,
he should prepare an altar with solemn adornments and purity.
  • Zoroastrian
It is ignorance that ruins most people. Those ill-informed,
both amongst those who have died, and those who shall die.
  • Jewish – Proverbs 9/16
As for him that lacks understanding, she says to him:
‘Stolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant’.
But he knows not that the dead are there, and that her guests are in the depths of hell.
  • Christian – Mark 14/67
And when she saw Peter warming himself, she looked upon him and said
“And you also were with Jesus of Nazareth”.
But he denied saying “I know not, neither understand I what you say”.
And he went out into the porch. And the cockerel crowed.
And a maid saw him again and began to say to them that stood by,
“This is one of them”. And he denied it again.
And a little after that, they that stood by said again to Peter,
“Surely you are one of them, for you are a Galilaean and your speech agrees thereto.”
But he began to curse and to swear saying “I know not his man of whom you speak”.
And the second time the cockerel crowed,
and Peter called to mind the words that Jesus said to him.
“Before the cock crow twice, you shall deny me three times”.
And when he thought there-on, he wept.
  • Islamic – Sura 39/30
Truly thou wilt die one day, and truly they too will die one day.
  • Sufi – Gayan
He who is afraid of vice is subject to vice.
He who is addicted to vice is its captive.
He who acquaints himself with vice is the pupil of vice.
He who learns his lesson from vice, who passes through it and rises above it,
is master and conqueror.

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